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Had a great World Down Syndrome Day hang


Born in Memphis and raised here in Jacksonville, Andy Peters’ discovery of glass was architected by his mother as a means to get him into something more social during high school. He took a class on the weekends at Jacksonville University, got the "glass bug," continued to go to JU for more classes, and eventually college. Since graduating with an art minor, he has worked in various private studios and the social side of his wise mother's plan was fully realized when he met his wife, Jessica MacDonald, at a glass artists convention. She studied glass art & design in her native Montreal, with a focus on sculptural cast glass. Together, they have opened a studio, Burnt Glassworks, and are excited about future glass projects. Their current output includes upscale barware, tumblers made of recycled beer bottles and an assortment of colorful vases & bowls.

When not in the studio Andy and Jess can be found wrangling a particularly adorable junior glassblower.


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