Feel the Burn

From glassblowing classes for beginners to hourly rentals for professional production artists, Burnt Glassworks wants to get you into glass!  If you don't see a class that suits you or want to arrange a special event for your group please contact us.


Make Your Own


10 - 20 min

Participants will choose colors and style and work with a glassblower to make a blown ornament or a solid sculpted flower.


15 - 25 min

Starfish, heart, or sphere?  Maybe an Egg?  You choose!  Choose your colors and work alongside a glass artist to sculpt your object.


20 - 30 min

Blow your own cup or bowl.  Whether the vessel is for wine, beer, or nuts, you will use your (or a partners) breath to inflate hot glass and then shape it with various tools into its final form.


15 - 25 min

A nice twist on a typical heart.  Each person picks their color and applies it to some glass.  Those two pieces are brought together and twisted to form a colorful dance in the core of the clear glass heart.


$110  (reg. $120)
50 - 60 min

Work together to create two cups or bowls.  Chose matching colors and styles or two unique pieces.  Whose is better?

Participants don't need to be a couple, bring a friend!

All items must cool overnight after they are completed.  If you are unable to return to pick up shipping options are available at additional cost.

Upcoming Events
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San Francisco


Burning Question?


Closed toe shoes and mostly cotton clothing.  Synthetic clothes like tights or athletic shirts can melt and bond to skin when they get too hot.  Long sleeves and pants may be beneficial for some to block the radiant heat from the glass and the equipment. However, you'll usually find the glassblowers in the studio in shorts and T-shirts. Socks are recommended, but not necessary.

Safety glasses are provided.


We can tailor make-your-own workshops to almost any age or ability.  We only ask to be made aware of any specific needs related to physical or cognitive capabilities to make sure the studio is properly prepared.  For beginner classes or private lessons our typical recommendation is that if the person can correctly follow a simple recipe on their own in the kitchen *safely* (doesn't matter how the food comes out) they are capable of participating in a glassblowing class.


Hydration is important if your time in the shop is over an hour or the weather is warm.  We provide water but you may prefer to bring sports drink.  Unless specifically arranged beforehand we don't food in the studio.  We can provide catering for groups or parties, but you're welcome to bring your own.  We do not serve alcohol but arrangements can be made for you to bring your own upon request.

Tools and glass color are provided but if you have your own, bring it!

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